Attending TekX

TekX was held last week and again it a fabulous conference.

The conference started out with the typical day 0 – Tutorials Day. I only attended the MongoDB talk mostly to learn a bit about it. Kristina was a wonderful speaker who really knew her stuff. And as a MySQL geek, I have to admit that it was interesting seeing seeing my world (RDBMS world) from a different perspective. I even managed not to say a single thing throughout the entire talk though there were a couple of times the others I was with had fun laughing at me holding back.

The first actual day of the conference started out with Josh Holmes keynote on The Lost Art of Simplicity. It was a fabulous talk that forced me to find myself on the wrong side more then once.

From there I went to Eli White’s talk on Anti-Spam and Anti-Gaming. The talk again was extremely interesting and some of his ideas would never of occurred to me. Good thing we have Eli to teach me.

On to Joel Perras’s talk on Graphs, Edges, and Nodes. Again a fabulous talk, that I have to admit – lost me a bit. But it is something I definitely want to learn more about.

From there to Large Scale Systems with David Strauss. This was one of the best talks I will be in at the conference. Learned lots – most of which I did not know enough to ask about… but I do now.

After that I kinda got into practicing for my own presentations and missed a lot in the actual sessions, but still enjoyed the hallway track. I must admit that it has been quite a while since I attended that many sessions at a conference, and all of them top notch talks.

As for my own talks, I thought they went well and seem to be well received. You can find the slides for my talks on my Presentations page.

So to wrap up I had a fabulous time at the conference, learning lots and hopefully teaching others stuff they did not know. I can’t wait for next years.

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