Speaking at TekX

I have been lucky enough (or found the right bribe) to be selected to speak at this years TekX conference up in Chicago. I have to admit, they have a fantastic lineup again this year and can’t wait to get there to see old friends and make new ones. Every year I go it just gets better.

The conference this year will be held from May 18-21 at the Sheraton Gateway Suites O’Hare (same as the past couple of years). If you have already been to the conference, you already know about playing Tek frogger – and if you don’t or this is your first conference – be sure to find me at the conference so we can discuss it as we sit and have a drink at “Shirtless Slim’s”.

For those that are interested I will be giving 2 talks on MySQL this year. One will be an introduction to MySQL replication and the other will go over the new features found in MySQL 5.5. Both are new talks for me, so I am rather excited about speaking on the subjects and would love feedback.

I hope to see you there!