Florida Linux Show

Went to the Florida Linux Show today – a 1 day conference held in Jacksonville at the University of North Florida University Center. At only $10 to attend – it is hard to find a reason not to attend something so close and so affordable. Had a good time and met a number of my fellow JaxPHP members there who were also attending.

The conference ran from 8:30AM – 5PM and had 12 different sessions with 3 keynote presentations. There seemed to be about 150- 200 people (saw all together maybe 10 women) in attendance with representatives of Redhat, Ubuntu, and gentoo in booths along with various other companies both local and linux centric (like Linux Journal and the local LUG).

The sessions I attended were quite interesting. I particularly enjoyed “Software as a Service: Implications of Web Apps for Software Freedom” by Mr. Gavin Baker for the interesting questions it raised on web applications being closed source though they are built on the popular open source tools and languages. Until then I never realized how closed source a site is – which goes completely counter to FOSS like PHP.

All in all a good time and I will be back again next time.