PHPWomen update

Ok so we have been some busy little beavers. We have a domain and hosting (Thanks to Cal Evans graciously volunteering us space) though we will probably be moving that domain to the OmniTI servers who have also volunteered to host us. A mailing list has been set up (feel free to join it here) as well as an IRC channel (#phpwomen on freenode). We are currently figuring out what we want to be and don’t want to be as a community so make your voice heard.

The site ( is currently only a place holder as we move toward setting it up. Forums should hopefully be up by tomorrow with the rest of the site to follow later.

Currently we have ~25 women involved (I didn’t know we were that many if you consider for every one joined – 10 don’t) but would always welcome more. I hope to see more women join us in forming our community.

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