Computer withdrawals

Ever have your work computer harddrive crash on you? That happened to me on Tuesday morning. So what do I do – I take the computer to the shop… have them try to save whatever they can (which turned out to be nothing), wipe out the slave harddrive and reload the OS. It only took them until Friday afternoon to do it (I read a lot and answered phones in the office). Figure – OK I can bring in my laptop and use that – right… Nope. Seems my office is rather hexed right now.

The laptop worked perfectly fine at home… take it to the office… won’t boot up. And before you say it – no there is nothing wrong with my connection… just bad juju.

Anyway – I am back up and running – and downloading, installing and configuring like a big dog. Figure it will take ~ a week to get everything back up and running again. Have a list of over 20 programs to install and that isn’t even a complete listing – just the big stuff. Oh well.

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Raj ShekharNovember 18th, 2005 at 8:17 am

Ubuntu linux – the answer to all your problems. 😀

OptimanJanuary 6th, 2006 at 12:37 pm

Invest in a USB HDD & make a backup of laptop HDD on every weekends. 🙂

Murphy says the disk will crash the day you do some worth while work or plan to give an important presentation.