The weekend

Well Jason and I went scuba diving this past weekend. We did 2 dives. The first was a Gab Gab II and the second and San Luis Beach. Both were dives from the shore (though swimming out to Gab Gab II took a while).

Jason had already gone to Gab Gab II earlier but this was all new to me. It should be noted that Gab Gab II is a site where a tourist submarine drives around, so divers have to make sure they stay well away from it and not get run over. I have to say Gab Gab II was absolutely incredable. While down we saw some HUGE trevally (jacks). I mean these things had to be ~3 feet long. Mmm talk about some good eating – too bad the area is a protected. We also saw these batfish… they were also huge – ~1 foot tall. I felt like we were shrunk and stuck into an aquarium… after a bit we also saw the little moray eel that lives there. It was about the size of my husband’s calf around. Supposedly there is a bigger one that lives there (reported to be as big around as a man’s thigh) but we didn’t see him. While we were down the fish swim all around you looking for food (the sub has divers that feeds them)… and I have to admit the trevallys really made me nervous. A bite out of you from one of them would take a large chunk of ya… I did get to touch one though as he was swimming by. We also saw a number of smaller fish – clown fish, sea anenome’s, angel fish, varius parrot fish and more… but the big ones really stand out in my memory.

After that we went to San Luis Beach. It is just a little bit down the road from Gab Gab. We ended up going here because the current at Gab Gab was getting really strong and I didn’t want to fight it to get back to Gab Gab.

Anyway – so down we went… we were only supposed to go down to 60 feet for ~ 35 minutes… Obviously we didn’t and it was all my fault… I wanted to see this HUGE sea fan and of course it was deeper then I thought – 67 ft. I have to admit is was a beautiful fan though… as tall as I am and an royal purple… anyway Jason and I swam along the reef shelf and managed to see a sea turtle also. He was so cool. We were at about 55 feet when we saw him and watched him slip deeper into the water and swim on by… it was outstanding. On we went exploring the various reef overhangs and eventually came out not far from where we started. Unfortunately we were down longer then we should have (accourding to our new depth calculations) by 1.5 minutes so we took our time at the safety stop to make sure we decompressed well.

All in all it was incredable. Here are a few pictures for you to get an idea what we saw. Unfortuantely they aren’t our’s since we don’t have an underwater camera, but I think you’ll get the idea.

Giant Trevally

Sea Turtle