Learning MySQL Stored Procedures

It ha been a very long time (over 2.5 years) since I wrote any stored procedures in PL/SQL. But now the MySQL 5 has them I will be pulling out those old rusty skills and turning my hand to them again.

Why – because *gasp* the boss wants to switch over to MySQL 5 now that it is production ready. I have been told to learn about the new cool features – stored procedures, triggers, views specifically – and how PHP can work with them. Very Cool.

Is it just me – or am I the bosses knowledge bank (not that I’m complaining). First learning about various bug tracking systems, then Perl and now this… When ever he wants to know about something – he sends it to me. Kinda nice since I get to expand my own knowledge with at least all of the subjects basics.

Wouldn’t mind playing a little bit more with Perl and it’s modules – but I think I pretty good basic grasp of it now. At least – enough of one not to hurt myself very much or often with it. Stored procedures are coming back kinda – again it has been a long while and I really only did basic stuff then – but it is fun learning this stuff.

“Jack of all trades – master of none”.