Science Fair

Went to Kayla’s science fair yesterday. I helped judge the Pre-K and Kindergarden classes. It was a lot of fun. Once the kids settled down most of them were willing to talk to us. Unfortunately 2 of the children (twins) in the Pre-K class became so upset – the parents took them home.

Kayla’s project did very well. Unfortunately not well enough to win a prize but then first prize went to a kid who did superconductors. From what Kayla tells us – she is in the cream now with her science teacher. My being a judge and the family coming to see the projects that night = major extra credit for her. Plus since she competed in the science fair she will not have to do any homework for the rest of the year. She is quite pleased with herself.

The most interesting project that I saw was the disection of the snake. If I remember correctly the child was in the second grade and thought a snakes heart and lungs would look like a person’s. He found out he was wrong. 🙂 . Another kid mummified a chicken by using similar techiques to the Egyptions (you know salt and stuff). According to the Mom – she was just happy to have it out of the house finally.