Home – Finally

Well we finally made it home. It only took 3 – 4 days (depending on how you count the International date line) to do it. We unfortunately got caught in the blizzard in Boston, Mass. So 3 cancelled flights later and a complete rerouting we made it home. Now we just have to wait for the luggage to catch up to us. The airlines says maybe today it will show up, but then they said that yesterday 🙂 .

A couple of things I had noticed/learned during our trip.

  1. ALWAYS have some extra money available for the trip back. Sleeping in an airport will not help you maintain perspective on the current situation. We ended up overnighting it in 2 different cities. Without the extra cash to cover the hotels (which I personally think the airlines should reimburse) we would have been stuck on the floor.
  2. staying in a better hotel maybe more expensive but being able to call down to the front desk for toothbrush, toothpaste, deodarant, and shampoo for 3 people – as well as shaving cream and razor for my husband was nice (remember the luggage is lost). Oh and let us not forget the wonderful, free shuttles back to the airport 24 hours a day.
  3. if your flight is cancelled – call the airlines. DO NOT wait in line to talk to a ticketting agent! Since I called the airline immediately after the flight was cancelled I was booked on to the next flight out (Granted that too was later cancelled) but at least I didn’t wait in line for 3 hours to have it cancelled. In the time it took other poeple to talk to the agent – I had already been rescheduled to later flights 3 times, booked a hotel room, and had dinner.
  4. trying to track down your luggage is totally useless while you are in the middle of the whole mess. After the 3rd person (used multiple airlines) telling me that they can not do anything until I reach my final destination (even though my luggage is still at the same airport as I am) – was frustrating and a pain in the butt. Why do they tell you to call a number if they can’t do anything – and they know they can’t.

At least we are home now – so I can sleep in my own bed. All the rest of it will eventually take care of itself – with a little bit of humor and a lot of patience.