new problem with the project

Well I got the translation file back from Tokyo for the index page. Uploaded the file… and everything died. 🙂 – figures.

Anyway, here is the current scenario… opened the site in English and navigated through it with no problems. Made Japanese the prefered language (In Mozilla – Edit ->Preferences. In the Navigator list go to languages and add it or move it up to the top of the list.) and reloaded. Blank white page with the status bar saying Done.

Hmm. Time to find out where the problem is with a little debugging. Put in a few echos to see what is happening. Upload and reload. Blank white page. View page source -> Nothing. Not even a openning and closing html tag. Hmm. Check the error logs to see if it says anything… Nothing. Go to the access logs to see if any information is there about what is going on… Nothing. Not even an entry to say that someone has requested a japanese page. Now that is interesting.

Got to the PHPCommunity IRC channel and ask the guys there since I’m stumped. Explain to them what is going on and what I have done. It is suggested that there may be a problem with the interaction of the PHP and the Apache since the requests aren’t even making it to the access logs. I then recalled an email I got from the hosting service that they are upgrading the version of PHP and the Zend Optimizer. So maybe I am just catching it in the middle of the upgrade…

Someone else (cnb to be exact) suggests I try rolling back the translation file. Daah – I do need to verify it isn’t the new file. So I dig out the old file and reload it. And don’t ya know it works again! So it is the translation file that is the problem. Hours of work trying to figure out the problem and it is the stupid file. Grrr.

Have downloaded a clean new translation file and sent it back out to the translator. Made sure to tell them not to mess around with the format. Never did find out exactly what the problem was.

So now I will be going back to work on the next page. Almost there. Have the templates done and ~80% of the logic. Hopefully will have the logic done soon.