the graduation and wedding

Well my sister is now offically married and a Registered Nurse (she still needs to take her certification though). Man was it a crazy couple of days there. I have a ton of pictures (some that are fine as is and some that need to be touched up) that I will be posting later.

Saw a couple of my cousins that I haven’t seen in 10 years. Man I missed them. We were pretty much raised as brothers and sisters so not seeing them was hard. Eddie and Paul are the eldest of the cousins and they made me laugh so hard my sides literally hurt. It was good being able to feel that close to them again. How do you tell someone that they are a part of you and that they always will be? Even/especially when you don’t see them often?

Anyway – we are now in Maine and freezing our butts off. I have started working on my project again and will talk about it later.