last 5%

Well I have the majority of the IntSmarty working and have sent out the files to be translated. Still trying to get the messages sent back to the user to be translated. Keep on being entered into the language tables as the variable name not the string they contain. Waiting for the Darn cache to clear because it keeps trying to tell me that a function doesn’t exist when I’m sitting here looking at it in the code. Freaking irritating!

cnb sent me a function to use to get the error messages to be translated. Will try using it as soon as the #*!$ cache clears. (*calm down lig*). Have tried (client side) clearing the history listings, deleted the cookies, looking for a new page everytime, and (server side) force compiling the pages…. still have the cacheing problem. Think it’s time to shut down the browser to clear the session variables… Sigh – what a pain.