It works (I think)

TaDa!!! I think I got it to work! With the help of a good friend (cnb) and a little bit of his code – By golly I think I got it to work! I will post the code he sent me later if he says its OK but basically it takes the individual strings and looks for them in or adds them to the translation array based on what is needed. It’s a slick little thing. Now all I need is the table in another language so I can make sure it isn’t just my imagination. 🙂

Oh and the function not existing…. *blush* it didn’t – I added it outside of the IntSmarty closing bracket. I didn’t realize that the prefilter and compiler were OUTSIDE of the IntSmarty class.

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ThomasNovember 5th, 2004 at 11:32 am

Since this very day, I’m also trying to get IntSmarty to work … thought it would be easier.
Same problems here: No translation files are being generated + not even the compiled templates show any kind of markup where I put the {l} blocks to it. I solved the problem of the non-existing __destruct() in PHP4 with
register_shutdown_function(array($this, ‘__destruct’));
in the IntSmarty constructor IntSmart().
Also, translations seem to get lost along the way! While $inst->translation in the prefilter shows my text fragments I intend to translate, $this->translation in saveLanguageTable() is empty again.
I really am not eager tracking it all down till the end. would be helpful if Coggeshall had some input.
Let us know, if he should write. IntSmarty is heavily underestimated (or enot even seen yet?!)
cheers, t

ligNovember 7th, 2004 at 3:24 pm

coogle did post the beginnings of the documentation for IntSmarty on his website. I personally didn’t look it over very much but I think it is in the style of JavaDocs.