Kayla’s grades

Got Kayla’s grades for the first semester yesterday… and it isn’t bad or by any means good. Kayla got 4 B’s, 2 C’s, and 1 D. The D is in reading and mainly because she wasn’t turning in homeworks and book reports. So needless to say she is grounded with no TV, Radio, Gameboy, Computer, allowance and she isn’t allowed to read or buy any of her magazines. She will only be allowed to do homework (multiple times if necessary), chores, or read her books for book reports. I am hoping she hates it so much she doesn’t do it again. The punishment (everything but TV) is to be reviewed in 4 weeks with progress reports. If she has B’s it will all be lifted but the TV.

Worst part is that besides the D everything else was pretty good though Geography was borderline. And I must admit that part of the problem was Jason and I. Although we asked her everyday if she had homework – we didn’t check when we should have. That too will be rectified.