Speaking at Zend Con 2010

I am proud that I have been selected to speak again at the Zend Conference. I will again be speaking on MySQL topics including ‘MySQL Server Performance Tuning 101’ and an ‘Intro to MySQL EXPLAIN’.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Zend Con Speaker Badge

Attending TekX

TekX was held last week and again it a fabulous conference.

The conference started out with the typical day 0 – Tutorials Day. I only attended the MongoDB talk mostly to learn a bit about it. Kristina was a wonderful speaker who really knew her stuff. And as a MySQL geek, I have to admit that it was interesting seeing seeing my world (RDBMS world) from a different perspective. I even managed not to say a single thing throughout the entire talk though there were a couple of times the others I was with had fun laughing at me holding back.

The first actual day of the conference started out with Josh Holmes keynote on The Lost Art of Simplicity. It was a fabulous talk that forced me to find myself on the wrong side more then once.

From there I went to Eli White’s talk on Anti-Spam and Anti-Gaming. The talk again was extremely interesting and some of his ideas would never of occurred to me. Good thing we have Eli to teach me.

On to Joel Perras’s talk on Graphs, Edges, and Nodes. Again a fabulous talk, that I have to admit – lost me a bit. But it is something I definitely want to learn more about.

From there to Large Scale Systems with David Strauss. This was one of the best talks I will be in at the conference. Learned lots – most of which I did not know enough to ask about… but I do now.

After that I kinda got into practicing for my own presentations and missed a lot in the actual sessions, but still enjoyed the hallway track. I must admit that it has been quite a while since I attended that many sessions at a conference, and all of them top notch talks.

As for my own talks, I thought they went well and seem to be well received. You can find the slides for my talks on my Presentations page.

So to wrap up I had a fabulous time at the conference, learning lots and hopefully teaching others stuff they did not know. I can’t wait for next years.

TekX slides

I have uploaded the slides for my talks at this year’s TekX conference. You can find them either at slideshare or off my Presentations page.

The talks this year included the intermediate to expert level 5.5 Performance and Scalability improvements talk and and introductory talk to MySQL’s 5.1 Replication.

Jacksonville SQL Saturday

So this last Saturday I attended the local SQL Saturday event. I have to admit I was a little concerned about attending an event based around SQL Server. After all it is not my normal RDBMS and I have no connections into that community. But it was recommended to me by my friend Joe Healy and we are all supposed to be geeks (unite!) I mean WTH – a database is a database so I shouldn’t be completely lost. So why not go and get the lay of the land, maybe learn something new and meet a few interesting people.

So off I go – totally clueless and completely unprepared since I figure – hey I’m just an attendee. And yes – I go from bad to worse.

So off to UNF I go. AFAIK SQL Saturday is going to be held in the College of Computing & Engineering – hey my old alma mater – cool! Never mind that it has been 8 years since I was on campus, I know my way around right?! Wrong ๐Ÿ˜€

I got completely lost since almost all the old parking lots are gone and the ones that are still there are designated parking only… and did I mention that the event is in building 50? Yeah – well, that building wasn’t around when I attended UNF so I then proceeded to get confused because it was a different building then the one I attended. All told I spent about 15-20 minutes being lost and befuddled. Should have given me a clue what an idiot I was being.

I eventually find my way there, check in and grab a free donut and coffee (Dunkin’ donuts – Mmm). The place is just starting to get busy so I kinda meander around watching. I have to admit that in new situations I like to people watch.

First thing I noticed was that this crowd while similar to a crowd I would see at an open source conference – was also distinctly different. The crowd seemed to be older (more my own age rather then younger then me) with a *lot* more women attending then I expected (easily twice to maybe 3 times as many women around then I would see at an OS conference) and very few people had a laptop with them. It kinda threw me there – in a rather good way.

I hang out a bit outside and chat a bit with various people. Once they find out I work for MySQL/Oracle, I of course get the requisite “Dark Side” joke and I try to refrain from commenting that “we have cookies”.

I eventually make my way to my first session – SQL University 101: Starting the SQL Journey I have to say it – it was a great session. It provided a nice intro into the SQL Server world that was both intro and technical enough to keep me occupied for the whole class… I even won a poster for knowing what SQL stood for.

Next I attended the T-SQL 102: Aliases and Table Joins talk figuring it would cover anything interesting on how SQL Server handles JOINs (indexing techniques, what kind of index it uses, optimization techniques, etc.). Well it turns out it was more like a basic intro to writing SQL JOINs so not that interesting for me. What I did find humorous when I first noticed it was that the instructor used Venn Diagrams to explain JOINs… which is something I have posted on in the past.

Now at the time of my Venn diagram post, AFAIK I was the only one who thought of them that way. (Turns out I am not – the instructor stated they first came across the idea back in 2000.) I (being the arrogant POS that I am) wondered if the instructor had somehow come across that information and was using it in their presentation. (Have I mentioned I am a complete idiot most days.) I tried to speak with the instructor for a brief while on the subject and ended up making a total and complete fool of myself with them (someone write a big “L” on my forehead).

So I officially would like to 1) apologize to the instructor for giggling in their class. I am an idiot. 2) apologize for just being an arrogant sh*t. I really do try and keep that under control. I am sorry and I have no excuse.

After that I took a walk around campus for a while. As I said it has been 8 years since I was on campus and so much had changed. I actually was lost until I finally got my bearings finding old landmarks. It was nice being back.

So during lunch I sat in on a couple of mini-sessions. One on becoming a DBA and the other on networking at technical events. Both were very good covering areas that to me are similar in the open source world. One thing I did find interesting is that neither of the instructors discussed participation in open source projects – even if it is on CodePlex – Microsoft’s open source portal.

I am unsure if it is simply not a known conduit for the SQL Server community, or if the culture of the community does not push it the way that, obviously, the open source community would. That would be an interesting discussion to have one day.

The final session I attended was the Introduction to Data Warehousing talk. Again it was a very good talk that covered general concepts as well as SQL Server specific tools. I particularly enjoyed the discussion on design of a data warehouse and the general patterns of them – star and snowflake. The examples given and discussed were easy to understand and follow even though the terminology I am most familiar with was slightly different.

Relatively soon after the end of that session I left to go home and be with the family (it was the day before Mother’s Day after all).

I had a fabulous time at SQL Saturday and if I had a complaint about anything it would have to be the network (of course). Because I have Skype on my machine I was quarantined/locked out of the network a number of times so my connection was intermittent at best.

Now that I have had a chance to see the SQL Server community I have to admit I plan to try and get to a Jacksonville SQL Server User Group meeting some time in the near future if I can. It is always nice to learn new stuff about databases… Don’t get me wrong – I love my RDBMS and plan to stay here a long time but being “the n00b” and adding more tools to my toolbox is not a bad place to be.

Speaking at TekX

I have been lucky enough (or found the right bribe) to be selected to speak at this years TekX conference up in Chicago. I have to admit, they have a fantastic lineup again this year and can’t wait to get there to see old friends and make new ones. Every year I go it just gets better.

The conference this year will be held from May 18-21 at the Sheraton Gateway Suites Oโ€™Hare (same as the past couple of years). If you have already been to the conference, you already know about playing Tek frogger – and if you don’t or this is your first conference – be sure to find me at the conference so we can discuss it as we sit and have a drink at “Shirtless Slim’s”.

For those that are interested I will be giving 2 talks on MySQL this year. One will be an introduction to MySQL replication and the other will go over the new features found in MySQL 5.5. Both are new talks for me, so I am rather excited about speaking on the subjects and would love feedback.

I hope to see you there!

so – what have you been up to lately?

I have been/will be a bit busy with life. We have a lot of changes happening all at once so it is not that I am ignoring anyone – I am just a bit busy. Some stuff in no particular order on the recent todo list:

1) Acquisition went through so get to do all the wonderful stuff associated with it… various paperwork , reading *lots* of company materials on policies and changes, benefit choices, townhall meetings, etc…. not to mention normal work.
2) Various PHPC stuff. I have to admit I have been not been as diligent with this as I normally would but the others have been nice in pointing out necessary stuff and yelling at me when needed. Thank goodness.
3) PHPWomen stuff. Again been dropping the ball on this but Elizabeth Naramore has things well in hand so I am not worried about it. She kicks me when I need it.
4) Kid’s college stuff. Kid is applied to the college of her choice for a Nursing degree, ACT/SAT scheduled, FAFSA and FFAA completed, a couple of scholarships have been applied to, still need to push her to apply to more. Who’d a thunk it would be so difficult to get a kid set up for school.
5)Hubby and his motorcycle. Yeah after much discussion, checking out of the local dealership and checking of the budget – he got a motorcycle. His retirement present to himself and for a mid-life crisis – there are worse things. See it on his facebook page if you are interested.
6) Discussion on a graduation present for the kid. Current plan under discussion – her and a friend doing a 5 day stay at Disney with park hopper passes. 3 previous plans rejected thus far for various reasons
7) Planning the logistics for the party for Kid’s graduation. Currently have about a dozen family members coming in from around the state and California.
8) The great Khan dog is showing his age and limping around from arthritis. After the vet visit he is now on 3 pills (vitamins, anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever) and is to be strictly restricted in his movements. So no going out with our younger dog, no running, no jumping.
9) Oh and I have to start the garden this month so next month I can start planting in it supposedly. Gardening is new for me so we are learning and faking it to start. With how much I spend on produce, I am hoping it is cheaper in the long haul. Hoping to start prepping the area for it this weekend so wish me luck.
10) The solar panels. Don’t *even* get me started on that!
11) Preparing for Hubby’s military retirement. Not really a lot to do but budgeting, saving, paying off bills, planning for the class on retirement and just all around getting ready to lose almost half of the current household income.

All this – and still have to do all the normal stuff of life – cook dinner, clean and dust the house, work on home improvement projects, check on the kid and her school work and after school activities… you know – life.

kid preparing for college – finally

The kid will be graduating from High School this year. Been quietly and gently pushing her to get ready for it and to prepare for college. She of course has been ignoring me for the most part.

Well this past weekend we attended a local colleges seminar on admissions and financial aid that really opened her eyes to all the things she needs to be doing. Since then we have filled out her FAFSA, the states version for financial aid, started looking at scholarships/grants to apply for, and scheduled her ACT and SAT tests.

She still has quite a bit more to do to have everything done in time, but at least she has started.

biting the bullet

So I finally bit the bullet and took my courage in hand. I submitted 2 talks to the MySQL User Conference with Raymond Deroo. All that is left for me to do now is hope I am *really* lucky and that god of conferences decides to shine his benevolence on me.

If you are considering submitting to the conference, I highly suggest you get a move on it. You have a little less then a week to do it (Call closes 11:59pm 01/27/2010 PST. ). You can submit a talk for the MySQL User Conference here. For information on registration for the conferences go here.

Pink for October

I plan to “Go Pink” this October for Breast Cancer. While doing some basic research for the blog post I found the website “Pink for October“. The Pink for October campaign is about blog and website owners showing their support for breast cancer awareness by turning our sites pink for the month of October.

I have submitted my site for the campaign and wanted to pass the word for others to join. I hope you will join us when we “Go Pink”.

Which way to go – which way to go…

Was speaking with a friend today about a question they had on how to copy a part of a table including the indexes. It had been a while since I had used those particular quirks of the CREATE statement so I could not recall how to do it off the top of my head (hate when that happens – bell rings but I can’t recall the exact tune.)

Anyway after a bit of quick digging we found CREATE TABLE … SELECT and CREATE TABLE … LIKE. Both can do the job (with a little help), just in different ways.

CREATE TABLE … SELECT will not automatically create any indexes for you, so if you want to have indexes in the created table, you should specify these *before* the SELECT statement. This means you will have to already know what the indexes are and how they are declared before issuing the command – but you can load the table at the same time.

CREATE TABLE … LIKE will create an *empty* table based on the definition of another table, including any column attributes and indexes defined in the original table. To load it, another command will have to be given (INSERT … SELECT).

Oh and before you ask – you can’t use both … syntax error ๐Ÿ˜€

So which way would you go – and why? Also if you can think of another way to do this (purely SQL) – feel free to educate me.