Attending Tampa Bay BarCamp

I have never been to a barcamp so far – though I have been wanting to go. As far as I know my local Jacksonville doesn’t hold one so I have to go further out to try and find fellow geeks. Up until now I have either heard about the barcamps after they occur or in the case of the Orlando barcamp, it is during a major holiday weekend so… yeah family doesn’t like that.

I am currently planning to attend the Tampa Barcamp on the Dev day (Sept 26th) with my good friend Davey Shafik. And like a good camper (think that is the term they use), I have a few MySQL talks ready to present if the crowd wants/picks them for the schedule. I am both excited and happy to finally be able to lose my complete n00b status and be able to say I have been to a barcamp!

Tampa BarCamp