so – what have you been up to lately?

I have been/will be a bit busy with life. We have a lot of changes happening all at once so it is not that I am ignoring anyone – I am just a bit busy. Some stuff in no particular order on the recent todo list:

1) Acquisition went through so get to do all the wonderful stuff associated with it… various paperwork , reading *lots* of company materials on policies and changes, benefit choices, townhall meetings, etc…. not to mention normal work.
2) Various PHPC stuff. I have to admit I have been not been as diligent with this as I normally would but the others have been nice in pointing out necessary stuff and yelling at me when needed. Thank goodness.
3) PHPWomen stuff. Again been dropping the ball on this but Elizabeth Naramore has things well in hand so I am not worried about it. She kicks me when I need it.
4) Kid’s college stuff. Kid is applied to the college of her choice for a Nursing degree, ACT/SAT scheduled, FAFSA and FFAA completed, a couple of scholarships have been applied to, still need to push her to apply to more. Who’d a thunk it would be so difficult to get a kid set up for school.
5)Hubby and his motorcycle. Yeah after much discussion, checking out of the local dealership and checking of the budget – he got a motorcycle. His retirement present to himself and for a mid-life crisis – there are worse things. See it on his facebook page if you are interested.
6) Discussion on a graduation present for the kid. Current plan under discussion – her and a friend doing a 5 day stay at Disney with park hopper passes. 3 previous plans rejected thus far for various reasons
7) Planning the logistics for the party for Kid’s graduation. Currently have about a dozen family members coming in from around the state and California.
8) The great Khan dog is showing his age and limping around from arthritis. After the vet visit he is now on 3 pills (vitamins, anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever) and is to be strictly restricted in his movements. So no going out with our younger dog, no running, no jumping.
9) Oh and I have to start the garden this month so next month I can start planting in it supposedly. Gardening is new for me so we are learning and faking it to start. With how much I spend on produce, I am hoping it is cheaper in the long haul. Hoping to start prepping the area for it this weekend so wish me luck.
10) The solar panels. Don’t *even* get me started on that!
11) Preparing for Hubby’s military retirement. Not really a lot to do but budgeting, saving, paying off bills, planning for the class on retirement and just all around getting ready to lose almost half of the current household income.

All this – and still have to do all the normal stuff of life – cook dinner, clean and dust the house, work on home improvement projects, check on the kid and her school work and after school activities… you know – life.