2009 in review

Wow has another year gone by already. So much has happened that it is hard to think of it all. Lets see if I can recap.

For 2009 I was supposed to try and meet a couple of personal and professional goals. Some of the goals I like to think I have met include:

1) relearning how to balance my work and family. When I started working at MySQL I felt so completely inadequate in my new role that I completely submersed myself in it to try and get myself to someplace that while not comfortable, at least didn’t leave me feeling stupid all the time. I found that place after about a year, but by then I was so consumed with work that I had little time for anything else. 2009 was the year I wanted to take back my personal time.

Now that I have again found that balance, for 2010 I want to get back to my roots and turn my hand back to so PHP coding again. I am massively rusty, but I do miss it so it should be fun.

2) speaking at conferences. I am always telling people to submit talks to conferences but never seemed to have the time to do it myself. Yes I was being a hypocrite.

For 2009 I swore I would submit talks to any conferences I thought I might actually be able to get the time off of work to attend and as luck would have it – they liked me… They really liked me. Crazy people – must be stoned or something.

In 2009 I was accepted to speak at 5 conferences (6 if you include the Microsoft summit) and after being ill before the first one – had a fantastic time. I will definitely be continuing this for 2010.

I have been honored to already be accepted to speak at this years spring conferences – TekX and Confoo. Unfortunately though I have had to withdraw from the Confoo conference due to work requirements, but I will be attending TekX in May. And if I am brave enough, I am also going to try and submit to the MySQL User Conference.

3) install solar panels on the house to reduce our carbon footprint and our electricity bill. Took us a while but it is finally done. The solar panels are in and the solar water heater is working. We are currently waiting for the local electric company to come and install a 2 way metering system.

4) Help my daughter. While not on the original 2009 TODO list, it immediately went to the #1 slot when her father passed this fall. This will be an ongoing thing that may never have an end. But she is worth it.

5) hold semi-regular meetings for the PHPWomen board. Trying to coordinate 7+ people around the globe for meetings is a pain – but we managed to do it a number of times this year to discuss ideas, catch up on projects and touch base with everyone. Not bad.

Ok – time for the listing of things I did not do this year that I wanted to. This list could easily be couple of pages long but we will shoot for a condensed version.

1) get back into writing. I love to write and for some reason, just haven’t had cause to write in a while. Need to contact some people to see if they need any new articles… Wonder if E3 would let me do something for PHPArch maybe…
2) didn’t learn enough for work – still need to get more into performance tuning, benchmarking, cluster and server administration. Always so much to learn, and never enough time (remember trying to balance work/life).
3) PHPWomen – oh let me count the ways… I really wanted to have the paperwork filed for 501c3 this year, never quite made it. Wanted to also have a birthday party for PHPWomen during Zend Con but due to unforeseen circumstances that didn’t happen… also forgot to try and have a “Go Pink” drive for breast cancer.
4) help get the PHPCommunity organized with the provisional board. laying the foundation for hopefully better to come.

This listing can keep going on and on – but now seems like a good time to stop. Here is to hoping 2010 is a great year!

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Suzanne AxtellJanuary 5th, 2010 at 4:52 pm

Just a word of encouragement to *please* submit a speaking proposal or two for the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo! The deadline is fast approaching, though–January 27. Here’s the link: http://en.oreilly.com/mysql2010/public/cfp/79

Also, we’ve just opened the call for participation for OSCON in Portland in July and we’d appreciate proposals for that conference as well. 🙂 http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2010/public/cfp/92

We’re trying hard to diversify all of our conference speaker rosters, so thanks for your help, and for encouraging PHPWomen and your other contacts to speak!