catching up from when I was down

as most have noticed I have had a bit of problems with my site so have not been able to write on it for a while. I am still working through everything but hopefully will get it all straightened out.

Anyway – since the last time I posted a lot has happened. In no particular order

  • I wrote a post for the PHP Advent
  • I have been accepted as a speaker at PHP Tek for 2 talks on MySQL
  • I have been organizing some stuff for PHPWomen – but will talk about that one that site’s blog.
  • I have been tagged by Matthew Weier O’Phinney for 7 things
  • I survived 3 blizzards and single degree temperatures while visiting family over the holidays – Brrr… Though I had a great time.

And a bunch of other stuff that I am sure I forgot now.