Blink and you miss it

I have been mostly out of touch with the PHP world since April when I was hired by MySQL. I admit it – I have let things slip while I settled into the new job and the hoopla of the new house – figuring that not much will change in the 6 months or so while I am gone. How wrong I was.

The last couple of days I have had a few startling revelations on how much has changed. The big one the keyed me to it was watching the ##php channel on freenode and going to look up an answer from the manual to a question… Only to find the manual had been completely reorganized and I had no clue where to go to find what I was looking for. I asked a couple of friends when the manual changed – and they told me “a while ago”… clue X 4 moment!

Go to check out the PHPWomen site – and we are almost at 400 registered members, with lots of introductions in the forums… I normally would try to say hello to everyone that introduces themselves and feel bad for not doing it. To those I have missed – my apologies. Sheesh – I have not even looked over the articles for the contest till today.

Next – I *really* looked at the people who were chit chatting in #phpc on freenode… and there are way too many that I have no clue who they are! Me – the local busy body – the one who for the most part knew everyone in there (I know – sounds egotistical – but true). Outrageous!

Heck – I have not gone to the last couple of PHP User group meetings or met with any of my PHP friends just to hang out or read in months! I am seriously slacking! Someone slap me please.