on Relaxing

I have to admit to not writing much lately on the blog – mostly because I haven’t been doing anything interesting. Visiting family, making new friends, catching up on my personal reading (no tech books – well ok only a few – Mostly High Performance MySQL with a dash of Flex 2), relaxing from the move and the craziness of the last year… basically trying to feel human again rather then a wound up ball of stress that is ready to explode – Man have I needed this break. This has got to be the longest stretch I have ever done where I intentionally tried to stay away from the computer and anything related to work to regain my personal internal balance. And it has been much more difficult then I thought it would be (still ended up doing stuff for PHPWomen and going to PHP User Group meetings… ). Wonder if I fulfill the definition of a junky.

As much as I love my work and the people… sometimes you have to step back and remember that life does go on – even when the computer is turned off. I mostly managed to do it.

Unfortunately my time to stop and relax is coming to an end soon. And I have to say I will miss it even as I revel in my ability to get back into to the game.