T-minus One week

Yep – in less then one week we will be back in the states. So many things to still get done before the end of the week but everything seems to be organized and scheduled…

1) house – final pack out (Tuesday), final cleaning (in progress), yard cleaned (due by Monday) and final mowing, carpets cleaned (todo this weekend);
2) appliances – picked up on Tuesday;
3) bags packed – mostly – due by Tuesday;
4) dogs – tickets (done), crates (done), flight itinerary (done)… need to contact continental cargo for info on how to turn them in at 4AM, heath certificates (Vet Tuesday 10:20), need to drop that off at Dept of Agriculture for Guam vet to sign – pick up in 24 hours;
5) hotel reservations (accepts dogs) for the few days between when we move out and fly out – done;
6) hotel reservations for when we get there – done – need to reconfirm;
7) car – rented and can be dropped off at the airport when we fly out;
8) family notified – some – need to complete this weekend;
9) landlord final walk through inspection – Sunday;
10) sell the last car – dependent on husband;
11) Our tickets – bought and paid for – have passports available – fly out Sat the 17th at 07:30

Hope that is everything… If not – I am so screwed.