W3C Launches New HTML Working Group

As a member of ACM I regularly get tech news announcements. This happened to be one of them. Below is from the W3C home page:

2007-03-07: W3C is pleased to invite participation in the new HTML Working Group, chartered to create the next HTML standard with the active participation of browser vendors, software developers, and content designers. “It’s time to revisit the standard and see what we can do to meet the current community needs, and to do so effectively with commitments from browser manufacturers in a visible and open way,” said Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director.

Now I have to admit to being curious about what is going on – after all anything new dealing with the web affects me as PHP coder. Since the W3C is supposedly interested in input from the Web community and content developers, I decided to see who from PHP would be there. Granted it is very early for the formation of the group so it didn’t really surprise me to see no one from PHP that I know or heard about in there, but I wonder if anyone from the PHP Group will become a “invited expert” somewhere down the road.

Oh I know – they already are extremely busy working on the various PHP versions (for which I thank them), and this would only add more work to people who are already doing more then their fair share. But a girl can wish – can’t she.

(And just because I know there will be someone out there that says/thinks I should do it since I’m sitting here talking about it… Well I must admit to considering it – but I really am not qualified for something like this. Though I do wish I was.)

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SantosJMarch 12th, 2007 at 12:54 am

Well, that makes the assumption, I think, that PHP cares about HTML and the chartered group cares about PHP or any one language for that matter (besides of course the markup language it is tasked to update). What would the working group benefit from having a PHP expert that another from either a vendor, developer, or content designer would not?

I’m curious as to what you would say, other than, “Don’t screw this up, you A-Holes!” Of course, I would also think another word besides ‘screw’ would be appropriate, which of course begins with a ‘f’.

PHP would benefit from the supported web services, but since it isn’t XML, probably will be a hassle to parse.

Server-side scripting mostly only cares about the POST. Building content easily would require support inside of the language. So not that we need to visit the group, but just implement their suggestions in the language when the time comes.

PHPDeveloper.orgMarch 12th, 2007 at 1:21 pm

Ligaya Turmelle’s Blog: W3C Launches New HTML Working Group…

kidMarch 12th, 2007 at 8:30 pm

two things mom. i does sort of sound like something you would do so w/e. and second Edit: Child yelling at mom for not following her own advice. taken out to save myself the embarrassment. Nothing like a teenager to shove things back in your face and dress you down in public.