Sorry for being so quiet lately. Hubby is in the Gulf right now doing his military thing and won’t be home any time soon (He was told one day and the next he flew out – plenty of warning don’t ya think). So with him gone I have been working hard on the book when not at the normal job. Have managed to get a little ahead – though I have been a bit lazy these past couple days trying to relax (over working and not sleeping well – never do sleep well when the hubby is gone).

At least I am not sleep deprived anymore – though not completely relaxed either. Probably won’t be till he gets back. You would think that after 11 years of having to do this it would be easier… *sigh*

Anyway – life is quiet and yet hectic at the same time. Feel like hurry up and rush is all I seem to be doing lately. Ok – I’ll stop whining now.