2006 – a personal review

I have to admit – I am not one of the great PHP coders. Just a normal Joe (or in my case Jane) here. But I wanted to look back on the year to see what I have learned and done as well as how much the year has changed me.

Well I started 2006 with an earthquake on the January 4th. Talk about shaking up the new year. The only really interesting thing I posted about was a simple question – Who owns your code? Well and a plug for the #phpc channel on freenode.

February had me reading “Objects, Patterns and Practice” (which I still haven’t finished), learning about the phpDoc plugin for Vim (I love that thing), changing hosting services (had to do some modifications on the site to get it working on the new one), and having to cancel my trip to the Philippines to see my dad while he is out here.

March had the first release of the Zend Framework – which I promptly played with for a while but didn’t come back to until the end of the year, and my taking and passing the MySQL4 Core Certification test.

April saw my good friend Davey start of the PHP thinktank channel on freenode (yep – another channel I normally am on), the start of the call for the Google Summer of Code, and my Dad flying out from the Philippines to visit me.

May was quiet since my dad was visiting. I was writing a few basic phpt tests for the QA team at the time and made a couple of notes to myself.

June saw me upgrade the blog and bring it to it’s current implementation, my daughter come out from California and get diving certified, me becoming a codewalkers admin, an apress technical editor, and get Part I of my MySQL Stored Procedures article accepted for phparchitect’s A/R/T.

July was when I almost killed myself out of good old fashioned stupidity. That was fun and I still have the scars. Anyway – it was also the month when we took our Australia trip which was fabulous. Have the pictures to prove it.

August had Part II of the MySQL Stored Procedures article go up on A/R/T, my posting of 25 ways to help PHP and the guys on Pro::PHP podcasting mentioning me because of it, the first glimmers of the PHPCommunity site being moved to ning (which it later did do), my daughter flying back to the US to live with her biological father, and my being hired for a new job.

September saw me start my current job, remember Sept 1t1h and cry again, and do a blog post on MySQL user defined functions. So it was a pretty quiet month.

October had me turn a year older, make the call for PHP women to stand up and be counted (which in turn lead to the start of the PHPWomen.org site). I also managed to take and pass the PHP4 Zend certification test.

November saw the beginning of the holiday craziness, my mother-in-law coming out for a visit, and my husband reenlisting for the last time (he will be retiring from the military after this). Basically anything PHP related was put on a back burner.

And finally, December had the book I was tech editing being published, my being asked to help write a book with a friend, and though I haven’t posted on it a return for me to working with the Zend Framework.

All in all it has been an incredible year for me with so many opportunities and lots fun along the way. So what are my goals for this next year?

  1. finish the book I am helping write and see it published
  2. get PHP5 ZCE
  3. get MySQL5 developer certified
  4. learn Javascript and DOM
  5. either go back to the little bit of C# I know and become more comfortable in it – or try a new lang. Not sure which
  6. Attend a PHP conference

Cross your fingers so hopefully I get to do them all next year.