Reading Tech Books

While in #phpc today we managed to get on the subject of tech books and which ones we are reading, which we liked, what books we have coming and what not. I have to admit I love books and reading but I have so many problems finishing a dang tech book. Typically I will get it and start reading… rarely do I finish though. Now I could give you a whole list of reasons/excuses why I don’t but you probably don’t care. What kills me though is that I always end up ordering another book.

So no more books for now. I am going to break my pattern and finish what I have started. By the end of the year I will hopefully finish all the books I have already started – which are (in no particular order):

  • Zend php certification study guide (this will have to be first since I am taking the test)
  • High Performance MySQL (read engines, replication and started optimization)
  • PHP5 Objects, Patterns, and Practice (half way done)
  • Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax (2 chapters in)
  • HTTP handbook (3/4 done)

And then I have 3 other books (Beginning Ubuntu, PHP5 Power programming, and The Non-Designer’s Design Book) still waiting for me to crack them..

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stefanAugust 30th, 2006 at 10:22 am

Yes, I know this feeling, I have exactly the same thing. Reading (non-)fiction books is no problem for me. No matter how thick the book is, I will finish it. Tech books though, I still have a number of them lying around in which I started and never finished after a few chapters. Usually I get inspired and want to try things, and never return to reading the book because another tech book comes in between 😉

SantosJAugust 30th, 2006 at 1:38 pm

Same here.

I have a lot of books on Programming Theory, Game Theory, AI theory, Compiler Theory, Multithreading, and OpenGL that I have yet to read. Before I started up on PHP full time, I was about to order some books on C/C++ pointer practice and theory.