Generated phpt tests

Was talking to my friend Philip Olson who is working on converting the PHP docs to liveDoc. He knows I sometimes help out writing phpt tests for the QA team and wanted to show me what a friend of his (colder) was doing.

Seems Philip and colder were talking on the IRC about possibly using the php doc examples to automatically generate some phpt tests to make sure the examples in the docs worked correctly. I personally think it is a great idea for another reason – it would give the QA team a base listing of phpt tests for the various PHP functions. With that base listing it would be easier to modify/add to the various phpt tests to cover the boundries of the function.

Since that conversation colder has been working on the script and while not completely pleased with it is willing to let me blog about it. He still has a number of ideas to implement and still hasn’t fully tested it yet, but you have to admit – the idea is interesting if nothing else.

Edit: Philip informed me that bjori was also an active member in the IRC conversation when all this was coming about.