Summer of Code

Rasmus posted to the internals mailing list that Google is once again holding it’s “Summer of Code” and he implied in his note that PHP is going to eventually be one of the mentoring organizations. Outstanding!

He also noted

So if you are a student and have an interesting idea for a PHP-related project, start thinking about your proposal.

Lukas Smith also added

A few days ago I started a wiki for PEAR to get organized for this. But not much content has been generated so far. Only some ideas have been kicked around (latest: adding an optional PHP4< ->PHP5 E_STRICT converter to the PEAR installer 😉 ).

Lukas Smith PEAR wiki is located at, but I am unsure if that will be the final place that the PHP Group will use.

I’m definately interested in what will come of it, how many people will submit proposals, and how many and who will step up to be mentors.

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Ligaya TurmelleApril 18th, 2006 at 12:54 am

Well PHP is on the list now – and man has the number of sponsoring organizations jumped! There are 57 organizations now listed with I’m sure more to be added.