PHPC success

I don’t know how the other feel – but to me PHPCommunity is a success. Sure the site isn’t the greatest, and almost no code has been written.. but that isn’t really what PHPCommunity is about. It’s about the people, and the people are there on the PHPC irc channel on Meeting people, creating friends, asking about families,lives and careers, developing relationships, learning about projects and PHP news, finding mentors – that is what PHPCommunity was about – The people behind the code.

If I have questions about how to code something – I go to the PHP channel on freenode – that is what it is for. But if I want to know if I have a good idea for a script, or discuss something that is on the mailing lists, an article in one of the magazines, the latest conference or if it is worth my time to learn about XYZ – to the PHPC channel go. The people on the channel are always willing to talk these things – or just about anything else

I have found all these things and so much more on the PHPCommunity IRC channel. Community – Oh yeah, it’s there if you want to come and join us.

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Aaron WormusJanuary 5th, 2006 at 9:04 am

I agree!!!

beer everyone