Red Cross Paying Hotel Bills for Thousands

Red Cross Paying Hotel Bills for Thousands

I find this amazingly generous. Over 57,000 people will be helped by this. Staying in a Hotel for any length of time is expensive… Honestly I would of been impressed if they just did a subsidy for the hotels.

If you haven’t given to the Red Cross yet – Now is a good time.

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Aaron WormusSeptember 12th, 2005 at 8:42 am

As long as the hotels aren’t making a profit from the rooms I would say it is a good thing. I don’t see why any percentage of my donations should go into lining hotel owners pockets. I would only justify something like this if the hotels would be giving the rooms out at cost price as well.

And the Red Cross isn’t generous, hard working people trust them with money and expect them to put it where it can do the most good.