Well we are in the midst of the second storm of the season. The first one was a tropical depression – rain, thunderstorms, really nasty stuff. This one is an official typhoon – though we will only be getting winds of tropical storm force (25 – 60 mph). Nice and windy.

Originally the winds were only supposed to be topping off at 45mph – so we didn’t bother to put up our shutters. Of course when we got up this morning – that had changed. So at 5:30 AM I was stuck putting up the shutters all by myself in the pouring rain. My husband has duty so he couldn’t go in late – thus he could hangout and help me. Finally finished putting up the shutters at ~6:15 AM, so I was soaked through to the skin. If the wind wasn’t blowing so much it wouldn’t have been to bad – but since it was, it was kinda cold.

Work was nice enough to give me the morning off. Depending upon the weather, I may also get the afternoon.