Local Univ.’s idea of a Programming I class

The local University is out of their mind. They are giving people degrees in Computer Science who know more math then computers. To get an idea of the local Univ. idea of computer classes… I enrolled myself in their Programming I class (We will just say that I thought there were some things in it that I thought I could use).

Well the Instructor I had been talking too earlier resigned a week before classes and a new instructor was brought in. First day of class I asked to speak with the new instructor to see if he will be teaching the same material (so I can see if I should stay in the class). He informs me that he will be teaching the class in a different way – covering what he beleives is “more inline” with what the class needs.

His idea – start with “What is a computer and what is it made of… hardware, peripherals, CPU (basic computers 101), to “touching on” flowcharting and pseudocode, using BASIC and maybe later pascal for block logic with a touch of javascript at the end. OOP will not be covered (that is for Programming II – in java).

That is the only 2 programming classes a CS major out here has to take (At least as far as I know). I also beleive (Though I have no proof) these are the only classes where the student actually writes code.

Call me nuts – but to me there is something wrong with this picture.