stepping out with… Perl.

Yes I am a PHP programmer! Work and my own curiosity send me to check out perl and it’s capabilities though. First impression – very confusing, with a steep learning curve. Hell it took me ~3 hours to just figure out the difference between an array, a list and a hash (an associative array in PHP). Though I am still slightly confused over the difference between a list and an array (a list is a finite thing while an array is more dynamic – I think). I have “Learning Perl”, “Programming Perl” and the “Perl Cookbook” ordered and am waiting for them to show up. Hopefully it will clarify some things for me. Figure since I have to look into it for work I might as well take advantage of the situation and actually learn it. Can’t hurt anything and will probably come in handy in my career. I love PHP and will always prefer it – but having another tool in the toolbelt doesn’t hurt.

Work wants me to look into using perl in regards to email. I have been looking at CPAN and think I have found a module that will work for what they want me to do. Now just to figure out 1) how to get it 2) how to use it and 3) how to write the code to do what work needs.

I’m sure I’ll be more then a little bit frustrated the next couple weeks/months doing this. Wish me luck.

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Rami KayyaliJuly 26th, 2005 at 4:46 pm

Ligaya, trust me, once you learn Perl you’re going to love it. Perl is my mother tongue, if that’s correct to say, and it was the only reason I learned PHP in just a couple of days. Once you start dealing with CPAN, packages, modules, mod_perl, etc. you’ll have to deal with lots and lots of confusing things, but then again, you’ll only have to learn them once.

I really hope you enjoy Perl as much as I do.
Wish you luck =)