basic CMS done – or at least the tutorial part

Well I finished the basic CMS described in this article. I have updated all the files that go with it (index, newArticle, viewArticle, category, and DB Design) as well as placing the login and logout logic and template files, my navigation template, and a user access level file on the code snippet page.

I am considering creating a category index page so you could then view all the articles of that category with a link for it in the navigation bar. I think this will allow for a simple way to create subdirectories for a site. What do you think?

Also this still has no way of adding a new user (page to create member with access level of MEMBER), for the administrator to give a user advance priveleges(page to raise access level to AUTHOR, EDITOR, ADMIN, or SUPERUSER), or for an EDITOR to modify an article submitted by an AUTHOR (page that pulls up articles and allows editing). Again this isn’t really hard to add… but I’m not so sure I want to put this much work into this. After all it is just a learning experience not a full fledged CMS.

Or would anyone really want to eventually use something like this?