Bugzilla and Mantis

Well I played with Bugzilla for a little and probably barely scratched the surface. One thing I did notice was that Bugzilla’s error messages aren’t highlighted very well – sheesh I actually have to read the page to see if something went wrong 😉 . Lets see I added a user (didn’t notice the email address requirement the first 4 times) or two, added a project or two, couple of bugs, play with the users and groups. Basically get a feel for it and it’s administration (though I couldn’t figure out how to disable the email capability). Pretty cool. Nice – but seems like more then I need – but may be a good fit for the MiGs and all the projects he runs/works on. Especially if it is to be used for all the future projects the company intends to release in the future. From what I see and what others have told me – Bugzilla seems to be more oriented for the enterprise level.

Also played with Mantis today (as suggested by Ben Ramsey). The download, install, and custom configure was a piece of cake compared to Bugzilla (did it in maybe an hour or two). The biggest problem was finding out where and how to disable the emails (no SMTP remember). Finally got it and I have to admit it is very easy to use and administer. As a friend of mine told me – “It is a lightweight Bugzilla”. This would probably be something I personally would use. Enterprise level – maybe. Don’t know if it can handle what the future may bring, but I’m sure it’s developers would like to see it there.

MiGs uses “flyspray” currently. Haven’t tried it myself yet so I don’t know how it stacks up to Mantis. I am assuming they are comparable. Maybe play with that tomarrow.