Well it has been a pretty industrius weekend for us. Jason finished installing/fixing the gates for our new fence around the backyard while Kayla and I (and later Jason) did yard work (mowing, trimming, pruning, weedwacking, ect.). With a half to 3/4 acre lot it takes a while and we all work up a sweat. After that Jason and Kayla completed her science fair project (it dealt with electricity) with different results then everyone was expecting. Now Jason needs to take all the wires, batteries and stuff and put it onto a board for Kayla to bring in.

Sunday – we went to the kite festival. Kayla has been bugging us to go. And what happens on the day of it – she wants to stay home instead. Go figure. So Jason and I with the 2 dogs went and left Kayla home to do her own thing (she is getting to that age). We don’t normally let her stay home alone but the past 2 weekends we have. She absolutely did not want to go out with us when we played golf and for the kite festival. Guess it is time to start letting go.

Anyway – for the kite festival – we of course forgot the camera so there are no pictures. Next weekend is Easter (wonder if Kayla will stil want to do the easter egg hunt) and the weekend after is the dog show. Hopefully I will remember the camera so we can add a few pictures to the gallery.