odd thoughts and occurances

Well this week has been pretty… interesting. The kid got sick (got sent home from school) thought is was strep throut but it was just a cold. Missed my second java class – of course it was when we were to go over OOP concepts 🙂 . The puppies we are dog sitting for are driving us crazy (don’t come when called, mess in the house, want to run on the street, constant barking, stuff like that). Don’t get me wrong they are nice dogs – but when it is 10PM and all I want to do is go to sleep – chasing after a little dog is not fun.

Found out that Florida is going to be hit by another hurricane. Kind of worried about the family there. Did talk to everyone though and they all say they are fine. Storm still actually hasn’t hit land so I will worry. Funny considering we get hit by storms all the time and don’t really think about that much.

Had a small earthquake this week. 4.8 accourding to the local paper. Was pretty cool – thought someone was moving furniture on the floor above until the earth did a little wiggle. By the time we figured out what it was – it was over. 🙂

Odd week wasn’t it. Well at least it wasn’t crazy.