java class

Well went to my java class yesterday. The instructor is a nice guy and seems to be pretty knowledgable on the subject. Unfortunately I don’t think the class will give me as much as I want. Yeah it is on java so we will be doing OOP (which is what I need – how to think that way) but it seems to be geared more as an introductory class then a language class. Yes he will touch on design patterns but it will be lightly. He will be showing us the foundation classes with us writing an app or 2, the swing classes, the applet classes, and I think some of the servlet classes. so it seems to be a nice all around class. I just wish they had another class to follow to build on this one and get more advanced info. I guess we don’t all get what we want.

All in all we are going to have 5 projects (more then I want because of work but less then I want to get actual experience) with a midterm and final. He is even being nice and dropping the lowest grade (final exam exempted). Anyone know a good free editor or IDE? In class we are to use Textpad (think I’ll stick to my vim though) and Eclipse. Never heard of Eclipse so if you have something to say about it let me know.

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Aaron WormusSeptember 1st, 2004 at 1:18 pm

Eclipse is pretty good… there is even a PHP plugin for it. Was reviewed in a PHPMag a few months ago, the reviewer gave it (the PHP Plugin) a thumbs down, I don’t remember why. He said it wasn’t intuative or something.