jobs and measuring up

Anyone looking for a PHP job? Seems that there is a bit of hiring going on 🙂 … started with Ben Ramsey noting his old job at his old company – on to George Schlossnagle and his company, and now John Coggeshall. That’s 3 ladies and gentleman so that’s all (ever notice things always come in groups of 3). I honestly would be scared stiff to apply for 1 of those jobs – not that I’d let that stop me but still. It’s one thing being the big fish (or in my case the only fish 🙂 ) in a little pond but it would be interesting to see how I match up.

Was doing some serious thinking about taking the certification test just to see how I measure up. After all I will be stateside for ~ 1 month in December so I could take the test then. Only 1 problem though – Why get PHP certified when no one on island knows what it is or cares (it is more important who you know then what you know out here – nepotism is an artform). I have a hard time justifying to my husband and myself spending $200 for the test plus the costs to get ready for the test (practice tests, study guide, online classes, etc.) when it will be useless out here. Assuming the certification is only good for 2 – 3 years I can’t even take it with me when I leave (have 2 1/2 years left). Guess I will have to wait until I go back to the states permanently. Granted I should be better prepared with the extra time but there is something about being one of the firsts at something that is cool.