Yeah – I’m a computer geek too

Though I have only been programming in PHP for about a year I really enjoy it. One of the best things I ever did is become a volunteer for the PHP Community website. I have met some truly brilliant people and made a couple of friends along the way (well I think of them as friends). From them I am learning more and more about PHP and becoming more paranoid about my apps every time I read Chris’s articles :-). It seems that everytime I think I know a little bit about PHP – they remind me how little I know simply by talking about something that everyone knows about but me (thanks erik` and lunatech for teaching who tux is). I hope to be active in the PHP community for a long time – even if I am no longer a programmer (eventually want to get into DB).

This is the first time I’ve really tried blogging… Kind of – does having one that I never use count :-/? Will be customizing the blog later to go with the site (don’t even have a CSS yet for the site never mind the blog 🙂 ) – so I’m not embarassed when other computer geeks show up. For now I am just trying to familiarize myself with the workings of the thing. Will be setting up an account for my husband and maybe my daughter so they can blab about whatever they want. WordPress seems to be cool. Wanted something in PHP so I can play with it and not completely screw it up or at least be able to fix it when I do.

I will try to write about anything interesting in the PHP world – though I always seem to be playing catch up. For now – later.