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Khan Kennels

Welcome to the Khan Kennel website. Above is the inspiration for it... The Great Khan Dog. He is a Belgian Malinois cross (though he tends to act all Mal.) and the apple of our eye. His brains, beauty, loyalty, protectivness and stuborness are all we ever wanted in a pet. He has shown us what a wonderful dog the Malinois is.

So why the name Khan Kennels... Well eventually down the road we want to breed Malinois. So why not document our journey from the VERY beginning... from the love of 1 special dog to hopefully a whole lot more.

Until we actually start our kennel - this site is basically all about our family (and maybe a little bit of PHP since I am a PHP programmer). Inside you should find links to various Guam sites, our old site, our current photo gallery, my resume and various blogs of PHP professionals.

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